Founder, Director & Chief Metaverse Officer of VNCCII


VNCCII is a multi-media story creator that has crafted a strong authentic vision. She strives to push forward music, visual, and cultural boundaries across a multitude of platforms being music, gaming, audio-visual, film, technology, and fashion. Her debut novel and NFT music album are a story about VNCCII and other characters in her Galactic A.I Space Opera Metaverse that’s ripe for adaptations for movies, musicals, animations, fashion shows, virtual real estate, and blockchain gaming. Embracing the cultural zeitgeist, VNCCII’s vodcast show “FUTURE HUMANS 3.0” utilizes live motion capture through Unreal Game Engine as her VTuber avatar to connect with thought leaders in the Metaverse, Web 3 & tech Space. It’s VNCCII’s intention to provoke creative, divergent thinking that benefits culture and the future of humanity, especially in the new creative, technological, and financial renaissance of Web3.

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