Founder of Run The Chain

John Keh

John Keh specializes in NFTs, DeFi, Cryptos, and everything in between. He regularly speaks at high profile events & conferences, committed to the growth of crypto ecosystems & blockchain technology. He believes the key to spreading awareness and mass adoption is through education. Like many at Run The Chain, John is an avid Blockchain and Bitcoin supporter originally being exposed to the industry in its infancy. John is also the co-founder of the Ministry of Solana which is dedicated to the Solana Ecosystem and promotion of the underlying technology. John’s background includes Chief Marketing Officer of Genesis Block and GBV. Prior to joining the GB family, he specialized in developing and implementing marketing campaigns, content creation, SaaS, as well as business and brand development. He takes a holistic approach to marketing, emphasizing quality, relevance of content, and the ability to reach and engage consumers. Before becoming a Crypto-native, John worked at Giordano as a brand development executive with an emphasis on intrapreneurial CSR, sustainability, and innovation projects.

Speaking at:
Day 3
Oct 14, 2021 11:05 AM
Are NFTs Worth Investing In?

Day 3
Oct 14, 2021 11:25 AM