Head of Community at Genies

Izzy Pollak

Founding team member at Genies & Partner at Genies’ investment arm, Humans. A trained actor & singer, Izzy joined the company to build out the emotions & personality of Genies’ early avatars. Since then he’s run partnerships, Avatar Portability, and led Genies’ foray into NFTs. As Head of Community, Izzy is imagining how community engagement can transcend in web3 from a one-to-many, to a many-to-many ecosystem built on equity, representation, and authentic creative expression. After Genies’ recent close of a $65M Series B, recruitment is a priority & Izzy’s mission is to build the Seal Team 6 of community engagement.

Speaking at:
Day 2
Oct 13, 2021 3:40 PM
The Future of Digital Identity