Co-Founder of Step Finance

George Harrap

George Harrap is co-founder of Step Finance, the front page of Solana, whose mission is to take the currently disjointed and hard to understand Solana DeFi ecosystem, and distill it into a single platform. George is a veteran crypto entrepreneur and former CEO and Co-founder of Bitspark. He started in the crypto world almost a decade ago as an early miner, and brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, built 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised, launched 12 stablecoins, raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. George now focuses exclusively on the DeFi space as the next giant leap for crypto assets and blockchain technology being involved with various projects in development.

Speaking at:
Day 3
Oct 14, 2021 6:10 PM
How To Get the Most Out of Your Solana NFTs