Multidisciplinary Artist and web3 Strategist

Carmilla Sumantry

Carmilla Sumantry is a multidisciplinary creative based in Vancouver, Canada. As a jack of all trades trained as an industrial designer, she carries experience in a variety of fields and mediums across art, design, and project management. Her focus is now centered on web3 as an artist, community-builder, and NFT strategist. The animated 3D work she offers as NFTs are described as surrealist dream states, translations of escapism, and visions of alternate realities. Early participation in the NFT space led her to various initiatives from collaborating with chart-topping music artists, organizing some of the first NFT events in Vancouver, and strategizing with international NFT projects. All of these explorations in the web3 space are driven by a vision for more equitable, inclusive, and healthy frameworks for the digital future.

Speaking at:
Day 3
Mar 24, 2022 3:00 PM
Web3 & NFTs: What's the secret sauce in Vancouver?