Founder at RMRK Association

Bruno Škvorc

Bruno started as a Flash developer back in 2004, then worked on web2.0 until he noticed Ethereum in 2015. He then canceled all his web2.0 work and spent almost a year studying Ethereum before diving into education - teaching his past colleagues how to develop for Web3. A few dozen sideprojects, three organized conferences, and one opened and closed crypto exchange later, he was hired by Status to work on Ethereum 2.0's technical docs before being poached by Web3 Foundation a year later to work on Polkadot and Kusama. It was at Web3 Foundation that he founded RMRK, the most advanced NFT protocol in the world, creating infinitely nestable "NFT legos" that enable the creation of an NFT product of arbitrary complexity without needing smart contracts. In what little free time he has, he hangs out with his family and tries to play video games or do some illustration, 3D printing, or 3D modelling.

Speaking at:
Day 3
Oct 14, 2021 11:35 AM
How Web3 is changing NFTs