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Andrew Schiffman

Andrew Schiffman is an Ambassador for the Music Partnerships team at Rally is an Ethereum-based platform that allows creators to own their own cryptocurrency by launching branded Creator Coins. Artists can also create NFTs through Rally with true utility to tell a story or unlock content and experiences around key campaigns. He is also serving on the music team for NFTs.Tips, the largest and fastest growing community on Clubhouse. He has over 20 years in the music industry working at various global companies like MTV, VEVO and UMG. His passion for music and tech allowed Andrew to become a master programming strategist and curator across platforms from broadcast to digital. He has worked on many groundbreaking campaigns, events, series and album releases from the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV2 120 Minutes and artists like Muse, Linkin Park, J. Cole and The Black Keys. His enthusiasm and knowledge in the NFT, Social Coin and Crypro space is surely to be recognized as he develops strategies to help artists find a new way to monetize and connect with their communities.

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