Join us for Day 3 NFTCON
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10am PDT // 5pm UTC
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One Global Conference,
All Things NFT

Join us from October 12 to 14 2021 and be part of the biggest digital shift happening now in the world of non-fungible tokens.

Learn the latest from top NFT experts from around the world who will share they knowledge and experience during the conference!

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Why Attend?

Take a look at why we organized NFTCON and why you should attend!

Day 1 | Music | Art | Fashion | CULTURE |

Opening day will focus on Music, Art, Fashion and the Cultural Industries surrounding leading NFT creators and platforms.

Day 2 | COLLECTIBLES | BLOCKCHAIN & PLay-TO- EArn Gaming | metaverses | SpORTS

The second day will cater to Collectibles, Gaming, Sports, and Metaverses that are transforming and evolving the NFT industry.

Day 3 - Protocols & Demo day

The third day covers NFT Law & Regulation, Marketplaces, the capabilities of NFT protocols and a showcase of the up-and-coming companies emerging from the Non-Fungible Tokens industry.